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Fumigation in Brisbane- Are you losing sleep over the sudden infestation of termites and pests plaguing your house? Getting rid of them should be on top of your list of priorities. 

Termite infestation is a homeowner’s nightmare. Whether it is ants, mice, fleas, or roaches, these pests wreak havoc in our houses, messing with our daily routines. They carry viruses and bacteria that lead to communicable diseases. They get into our stored food grains and nibble away at our furniture. Fumigating your house to get rid of these unwanted guests is absolutely necessary.


Most commonly fumigation involves the use of fumigant gases (most commonly methyl bromide). Methyl bromide is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and fatal. Being an ozone-depleting substance, its use is strictly controlled. From an environmental perspective, its use is not the best for our environment, but there are times there is no other fumigant that gets can the penetration required, and achieve the desired insect mortality. This is more important nowhere than in a quarantine setting, wherein imported commodities we need to protect our country from insects.

To protect your home’s contents from contamination, the fumigation in Brisbane Company will provide you with Nylofume bags. These bags, made from strong nylon polymers, will protect your food and that of your pets, your medications, and other things you eat, drink, or inhale-such as beverages and tobacco.

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