Termite Treatment in Brisbane.

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Termite Treatment – You must be searching for termite control treatment near me. Every year, many Australian properties are damaged by subterranean termites or other timber pests. It is in all property owners’ (home or commercial) best interests to protect themselves from these destructive pests.

Best Termite treatment Services in Brisbane given by Carpest Solution:

– Pest & Building Inspections

 – Termite Inspections (Timber Pest Inspections)

 – Spot Treatment (Eradication) of Live Termites

 – Termite Barriers

 – Pre-Construction Termite Protection

 – Borer Treatments

At Carpest Solution, we offer a large range of termite control treatment that will meet your precise needs. If you need Brisbane termite services that won’t disrupt your home or business, speak to our team about the many options available.

Termite Treatment Inspection:

Our visual termite inspections cover, where possible and practical, all timber structures, fences, trees and stumps within the property boundary. Our termite inspections take in an area of up to 50 meters from the main building. Our team is trained to understand the habits of termites, the places they are likely to be found and the signs that indicate their presence.

Termite Treatment Inspection:

Carpest Solution Termites inspection will decide if your property has termites in or around it. During its lifetime nearly one out of four Australian properties are affected by termites, whereas, home insurance does not cover damage to termite. Infestation can be difficult to spot, so regular complete inspection of your property home by one of our Termite Control experts is essential for your peace of mind. Our termite experts will provide you with a full written report with recommendations for the best solution. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial property we will find a solution to any pest problem that you have.

Termite checks require proper inspection within the house of roof vacuums, walls, trim timbers, and skirts. In all of our termite audits, we have upgraded our systems to include the innovative Termatrac T3i. A moisture meter to assess the humidity level in the walls, a thermal imaging camera and, most importantly, a radar that allows us to detect movement behind any wall, window frame or any surface at all.

Contact us:

Call us today for the most extensive pest control service in Brisbane with a family business touch. From emergency services to full treatment and barrier protection, all within house financing, Carpest Solution can save you from all of your pest problems.

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